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The Energizer brand is globally recognised and synonymous with high-quality and responsible products that users can confidently rely on to help them through their daily tasks. With Energizer's introduction into the Australian automotive market, drivers and businesses can now enjoy that same level of confidence thanks to the Energizer automotive range of batteries.

About Energizer

Energizer automotive batteries include an extensive range of batteries that have been hand selected for the Australian market, there is no shortage of choice when it comes to fitting the right battery in your vehicle, boat, or lawn mower.

Energizer automotive batteries consist of maintenance-free sealed lead acid, EFB, and AGM battery technologies that will be suitable for the most classic or modern vehicles that are coming off today’s production line.

Energizer automotive batteries also utilise advanced battery manufacturing processes and are constructed using expanded lead-calcium technology in a maintenance-free design which improves resistance to corrosion, overcharging, gassing, water usage, self-discharge, and thermal runaway. Energizer EFB and AGM batteries also have added features for improved performance and longevity. This allows Energizer automotive batteries with EFB and AGM technology to be used in applications that have high power demands or are used in challenging environments such as off-road or out on the water.

Energizer Automotive Features And Benefits

  • Have confidence in a globally renowned brand
  • Premium warranty
  • Extensive range of sizes and specifications
  • AGM and EFB batteries available
  • Hand-picked for the Australian market
  • Manufactured using advanced technology
  • Integrated handle
  • In-built Hydrometer – indicates battery state of charge
  • Flame Arrestor Safety System – prevents outside ingress from dust or sparks and reduces the risk of acid leakage
  • Envelope separators that prevent shorting between plates
  • Maintenance-free design and Polypropylene case to withstand harsh environments

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