Energizer EN55REFB 500 CCA 58 AH

About EN55REFB

The Energizer range of Stop/Start batteries features the latest Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Battery (EFB) technologies to meet the needs of vehicles with next-generation electronics and Start/Stop functionality. With the ability to handle a greater depth of discharge and increased number of starts these batteries are suitable for most modern vehicles or applications that demand more compared to a regular wet acid battery.

What is a Start/Stop vehicle? When you stop at a red light, does your car turn off temporarily and turn back on when you release your foot off the brake? This is the Stop/Start function.

EN55REFB Specifications

CCA AH 500 58
Voltage 12.8
Length 237
Width 128
Height 225
Terminal Type JIS Right (+ -)

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